Jon Oral Nash

Jon Oral Nash represents a new generation of leaders trained in business and ministry with a fresh voice that is relevant to today’s spiritual and practical issues. Jon combines the foundational principle of sowing and reaping pioneered by his grandfather, Oral Roberts, with sound, spiritual and practical principles that people can use to become profitable stewards and payoff debts faster.

Jon earned an undergraduate degree in Finance from Oral Roberts University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester. Trained as a portfolio manager at one of the largest financial institutions in the world, Jon started an investment advisory practice in 2002, helping clients from around the country protect their retirement portfolios from major market downturns. Having served as Associate Pastor at Faith Temple (Rochester, NY) for five years, Jon understands the day-to-day demands of pastoral leadership. In this position, he regularly prayed for the sick and oversaw marketing, administration, human resources, financial counseling, and capital campaigning.

For over a decade, Jon has taught others in church congregations, conferences and universities how to become better stewards so they can build the dreams in their heart. Jon inspires others to discover their uniqueness, pursue healing and walk in excellence. His humorous and encouraging approach has helped individuals, families and young people receive healing financially, physically and emotionally in order to maximize their potential and reach peak performance. Invite the wisdom and generational heritage of Jon Oral Nash to your church. You will experience a refreshing and be inspired to fulfill the vision God has given you individually and corporately! Contact us today!

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